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DIY Biohacking from the comfort of home!

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Pioneering Venture of Mad Scientist Michael Laurence Curzi

Evolve from the comfort of home with Audio Genomics DIY biohacking technology from 36N9 Genetics. Founded by Michael Laurence Curzi, 36N9 focuses on Audio Genomics technology to revolutionize human evolution by applying digital medicine allowing you to create audio DNA.

36N9 Genetics – Evolve from the comfort of home with audio DNA
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DNA DIY Biohacking

DIY Biohacking with Audio DNA



Create a sequence of data files that you would like to convert into audio DNA and then edit. This will become your DIY biohacking protocol.



Render the computer data into audio DNA with our free software. You can seamlessly re-renderer the audio DNA into any music. Now that's DIY biohacking in style. This software is coming soon!



Listen and experience the power of your creations and even monetize your audio DNA media creations on the 36N9 Hub platform. Now that's innovation there for you!

36n9 audio DNA

Revolutionary Audio Genomics Utility Today

36N9 Genetics – Evolve from the comfort of home with audio DNA
Why Choose Us

Our Unique Value Proposition

36N9 Genetics offers cutting-edge Audio Genomics Utility to create audio DNA, and by combining digital medicine with income generation for users; this is a dynamic new way to profitably go about DIY biohacking from the comfort of your home.

Digital Medicine Innovation

Our technology offers a novel approach to digital medicine through Audio Genomics audio DNA. This is a gigantic thought experiment and DIY biohacking think tank both.

Income-Generating Opportunity

Users can not only access transformative medicine but also create income streams. Creating audio DNA could put money into your bank and potentially heal the blind.

Community Thrive Platform

Our platform fosters a community where all members can thrive together. Audio DNA and DIY biohacking technology will benefit all of the community when used wisely!

Customer Testimonials

Using 36N9 Genetics transformed my health and financial prospects. I'm forever grateful!

- John Doe

The Audio Genomics technology is a game-changer. I've seen tremendous improvements in my well-being.

- Emily Smith

I never knew digital medicine could be so empowering. Thank you, 36N9 Genetics!

- Sarah Johnson

DIY Biohacking Audio Dna

With audio DNA, today's entertainment can become tomorrow's digital medicine!

36N9 Genetics – Evolve from the comfort of home with audio DNA
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